Wrinkles Treatment

January 15, 2016

Wrinkles are formed due to the natural process of aging. Other factors that contribute to wrinkle formation are sun damage, gravity, smoking, muscle movementsand repetitive expressions – frowning, squinting, and smiling.

Both men and women at any age can have wrinkles and it will be more visible as time goes by. As a person age, the skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity. This means that the skin do not return to its original form after being pulled or compressed such as doing facial expressions. The formation of crease or furrow in the skin stays even when the face is relaxed.

Moderate to severe wrinkles can now be smoothened out with non-surgical treatments. These treatments can restore the volume and provide lifting and tightening to the skin. The result is a well-rested, energetic and rejuvenated look.

The recommended treatments depend on various factors (social downtime, urgency to address concerns and budget) and will be discussed during consultation.