Skin Pigmentation: Know About the Different Types

November 28, 2012

Before discussing about the different types of skin pigmentation, it is important that you are aware of the term itself. Skin pigmentation is also known as Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation, which are the conditions that cause skin discoloration due to increased local skin pigment production. As the amount of pigmentation varies from person to person, some disorders can affect the patient’s entire body, while the others just create patches on the skin. It can cause due to emotional stress, meditation, reaction of drugs, sun exposures, genetic factors, hormonal changes like child birth and birth control pills. It can also be caused when your body produces either too little or too much pigment (melanin).

Different types of skin pigmentation

We know that there are different types of skin pigmentation. Due to age spots, freckles, birthmarks many other reasons, they bring or produce discoloration in the skin. However, there are several abnormalities in the skin color such as albinism is impossible to treat, but there are other types of skin pigmentation, which can be treated and it all depends on their causes and severity. Here, let’s know about different types of skin pigmentation that go as follows:

Freckles: According to the expert surgeons, Freckles are very much common type of skin pigmentations that we mostly consider in Caucasians. The focused collections of melanin or pigments become worse with the contact to sunlight. Their treatment is possible and can be treated with sun creams. But, as it takes long time to get the results, most of the people prefer to undergo laser treatment that helps to remove them effectively. This treatment is also used to treat age spots that people face after a certain age. These days, there are number of anti-aging creams and lotions that help to reduce and control age or dark spots. Here, an aesthetic clinic that facilitates with the latest advanced technologies to lighten the dark spots and the highly experienced doctors are able to bring the long-lasting results.

Vitiligo:It is one of the skin pigmentation disorders. And a patient, who faces such type of skin disorder, his/her skin gets lighten in color. It is considered as a medical condition not a cosmetic one and its treatment depends on reasons due to it occurs.

Hyperpigmentation: It is a type of disorder, which occurs due to production of extra melanin or pigments. And the expert surgeons always suggest to undergo the medications and to use bleaching creams to the patient, who faces such kind of problem. Patients, who have small patches over their face, laser treatment is good for them, but it doesn’t work for wide spread discoloration.

Melisma: It is a patchy brown discoloration of the skin on the face of the women, which they normally have during their pregnancy. It fades away after the child’s birth and it normally can be treated by the creams prescribed by the doctors. The birth marks are usually brown, black, or blue in color and they are flat in nature. Most of the women prefer to undergo laser treatment to reduce their dark appearance on the face.

Port-wine stains and Hemangioma: These both are also two types of skin pigmentation disorder and these can be treated with chemical peels or laser treatments. When we talk about chemical peels, they are highly effective to treat such skin disorders. However, after the first peel, the patient can consider a significant change and after the number of peel treatments, he/she can consider a good effect in treating skin that gets damaged due to sun contact or aging.

As compare to chemical peels and microdermabrasion the laser treatments have a greater degree of penetration that helps to target more intense and severe discoloration of the skin. By breaking down the skin, a laser helps to remove the discoloration. When the patient undergoes a few numbers of same treatments, the darkened tissues of his/her skin fall off. As the patient feel some pain after the procedure, the surgeon prescribes him/her to creams to apply that assists to reduce the pain and irritation. Once people undergo the laser treatment to treat such skin issue, he get complete skin rejuvenation and look younger.

Today, we are blessed with numbers of non-surgical treatments such as laser vein removal, laser hair removal, cheek filler, and laser treatment to treat skin pigmentations. Laser treatments offers great convenience to the patients, as it not only consumes less time, but also is less painful.